The best Speed Camera Detector on the market currently is the GPS Angel. The GPS Angel uses accurate satellite technology to determine your vehicle’s current position and compares it to an on-board database of thousands of known red light and speed camera locations in the United States and Canada and alerts you in advance with a visual and audible alarm.
Don't take any chances. Get the GPS Angel red light camera detector and speed camera detector today. You'll drive safer, avoid red light tickets, and protect your license.

Typical red light violation fines are more than $300.
GPS Angel pays for itself after helping you avoid just one red light ticket!

GPS Angel uses satellites for precise accuracy and includes free access to the Patriot database - the #1 red light camera locations and speed camera locations POI database for the United States. Your purchase includes free access and free lifetime updates to this database at no additional charge.

Our Speed Camera Detectors are 100% legal in All 50 States and are guaranteed to work!

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